07 December, 2022

Regional Centre



20th to 35th Convocation


General Instructions


  • 20th to 35th Convocation of the University were held, as per the following details:-
  • Convocation Date Term-end Examinations covered
    20th to 32nd --- December-2007 to June-2018
    33rd 17.02.2020 December-2018, June-2019
    34th (virtual mode) 15.04.2021 December-2019, June-2020
    35th 26.04.2022 December 2020, June-2021
  • The certificates of eligible students of Master Degree, Bachelor Degree, Post Graduate Diploma and Diploma Programmes have been forwarded to their Regional Centre/Regional Centre opted by the students for issuing to them.
  • The certificates of Post Graduate Certificate and Certificate Programme are available with the Headquarters.

Online link to apply for the Degree : Click here


36th Convocation

36th Convocation of the University is likely to be held in Jan/Feb, 2023

Who is eligible to apply : Those students who have completed their programme during December 21 & June 22 TEE.

Online link to apply for Degree : Click here